Monday, October 26, 2009

informational post

So what is the purpose of this post? What am I trying to say?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I will try to lengthen said post out a bit in hopes of seeing how a longer, more paragraphical offering ('longer' meaning 'more words', even those completely superfluous, and 'paragraphical' meaning exactly what it sounds like, even though completely superfluous) looks on this blog. In a way (and by 'in a way', I mean the two things about to be described are exactly the same), this practice relates to how I've written essays on perhaps every English test I've ever taken. Every subject of which I in no way had the necessary information to write four pages about, could (however coincidentally) relate to something I did. In this way, Antebellum American Literature mirrored the Jordan-era Bulls teams of the 1990's.

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